Facebook Ad Services for Local Businesses

Facebook ad services aid your business in maximizing its online exposure and augmenting its lead generation efforts to drive revenue by using the world’s largest social media platform.

Offering access to more than 3 billion people, Facebook’s extensive reach makes it a must-use advertising tool for businesses looking to expand.

Kyle Pursley provides Facebook ad management services that help your business reach more customers and increase sales in days rather than months. As a leading Facebook marketing specialist, Kyle develops custom advertising strategies from the ground up, tailoring each aspect to fit your company’s unique sales process.

With this comprehensive Facebook ad marketing service, everything from the strategy to ad development to launch and performance monitoring is done for you. And you can rest easy knowing that every penny you invest in your business will triple or quadruple.

Scroll further down the page to read more details about our Facebook advertising services and the cost of ads. If you would prefer to speak to Kyle directly, he can be reach by contacting us here or booking a call here.


Facebook ad services provide immense benefits when used correctly, such as:

  • Access to 3 billion monthly active users, many of which are potential customers
  • Lower cost per click than other advertising solutions like Google
  • Highly specific targeting based on thousands of data points
  • Ability to run ads for ecommerce products or business services worldwide
  • More easily remarket to potential customers with simple integrated tools
  • Set up ads and advertise your website in under 10 minutes
  • Split test and optimize multiple ad creatives at once

If that was not enough, working with a Facebook advertising freelancer like Kyle gets you even more:

  • Expert advice based on years of experience and millions of dollars of successful ad spend
  • An advanced Facebook remarketing strategy
  • Facebook ads for services, products, or both
  • The best time to run Facebook ads based on your niche, location, and target audience
  • How to write great Facebook ad copy
  • Hundreds of successful ad copy examples
  • A completely done-for-you solution with a consistent stream of high-quality leads

If you are looking to hire a Facebook marketer, skip the trip to Craigslist and give us a call. Our social media experts work hand in hand with you to create the perfect advertisement to reach your ideal customer.

After launching the ad creatives, we begin the brief testing phase which we use to narrow down what works and what does not for your target cities. We constantly monitor progress, tweaking and optimizing the ads to decrease the Facebook ads cost per click. This improves your Cost Per Lead (CPL), while saving you money.


Have you decided whether to test Facebook advertising services?

A Facebook advertising company is a smart choice if you want to:

  • Increase sales without breaking the bank
  • Save money transitioning away from Google ads
  • Maximize your brand name recall
  • Get a leg up on your competitors
  • Gain traction in new areas prior to expansion
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising down to the penny
  • Optimize ad conversions to acquire customers more rapidly and at a lower cost
  • Run successful campaigns, knowing you will get great results
  • Breaking existing performance barriers with a fresh perspective

If you have never used Facebook ads or you have and did not see the results you expected, it’s understandable that you would be hesitant to try again. We urge you to speak with one of our marketing professionals to talk through your goals and what you’d like to accomplish. From there, we can help you decide whether professional Facebook ad management services are right for you.

Years of working with clients across hundreds of different industries has given us valuable insights that many people just never get the opportunity to see. Kyle and his team have run some of the best Facebook lead generation ads in the country, based on results and as voted on by his peers.


Kyle Pursley has developed a comprehensive, Facebook ad services solution in which everything is done for you.

  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Custom Facebook advertising strategy
  • Fresh ad creatives
  • Unique, relevant images
  • Proven ad copy
  • Hyper-specific targeting
  • Facebook pixel installation
  • Complete Facebook ad account setup
  • Follow-up system setup

As a completely done-for-you service, everything is taken care of by our team once we have the information we need. We designed this program to be a stress-free, hands-off way for you to grow your company’s sales and brand recognition in the target markets of your choosing.


The number one thing you should look for in a Facebook advertising agency is solid past results. Nothing speaks more to their ability to run a successful social media ad campaign on Facebook.

When small business owners have been positively impacted by a freelancer or a company, there are bound to be great reviews or testimonials somewhere online. Look to the professionals that have this first.

Second, keep an eye out for a Facebook advertising provider that is aware of emerging social media trends and stays current on the latest changes within Facebook’s advertising platform. Small tweaks can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

The third key to finding the perfect Facebook ad professional to work with is getting a feel for their knowledge and how they operate. Have they done this before? Do they know what their talking about? Do they take the time to clear up your questions?

The best Facebook ad company is the one that seamlessly meshes with your style, and it most likely takes a one-on-one conversation to figure that out.


Kyle Pursley knows that every business has different goals for its Facebook advertising campaign. Whether it’s improving brand awareness in a local market or driving conversions on a website, Facebook advertising services has objectives that can do it.

The goal with Facebook advertising is to show your ad to the people that are mostly likely to complete the objective. Therefore, choosing the right objective is critical.

Facebook’s three main ad objectives are awareness, consideration, and conversion, each of which target a specific stage of the customer life cycle.

To select the right stage, you must first identify where the buyer is in the sales funnel.


Awareness ads are meant to aid you in building a base audience and getting your brand name out there. They target the top of the sales funnel where most people don’t know your company exists.

Awareness ads include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach

The best way to use awareness ads is to create a memorable snapshot of who you are at the highest level.


Facebook consideration ads are meant to acquire new customer leads. The consideration ad type can be used to send people to a blog post, infographic, landing page, and much more.

Consideration ads include:

  • Traffic – Direct people to your website (off Facebook)
  • Engagement – Push people to engage with your business, such as claiming and offer or attending an event
  • App Installs – Encourage people to install your application
  • Video Views – Get views on a video
  • Lead Generation – Generate new customer leads through a built-in Facebook form
  • Messages – Advertise to people on Facebook messenger to start a conversation

The best way to use consideration ads is to drive people to an offer or a page on your website that you know converts well.


Facebook conversion ads push people to take a specific action, such as buying a product or service. This type of advertisement targets the bottom of the sales funnel, where potential customers already know who you are but need an extra push. Conversion type ads are meant to drive an immediate increase in sales revenue.

Conversion ads include:

  • Conversions – Push a specific website action
  • Catalog sales – Drive sales of a product
  • Store traffic – Encourage foot traffic to a local store

The best way to use Facebook conversion ads is to broadly target the potential customers and allow Facebook’s algorithm to identify the users that are most likely to purchase from you. With that information, you can use the Facebook pixel to remarket to individuals who made it to your product page, service page, or the checkout but never pulled the trigger.


Our Facebook ad management services collaborate with your team to identify the optimal ad format for your campaign.

The available Facebook ad formats are:

  • Video ads
  • Photo ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Dynamic product ads


Video ads are simply advertisements in video format. Facebook video ads work best with campaigns focusing on brand awareness or consideration. When using a video advertisement, you get nearly a third more views if you post the video directly to Facebook rather than sending users off the platform.


Facebook photo ads are the most popular advertisement on the platform due to their simplicity. It usually involves a single photo, some text, a call to action (CTA), and a link. The key to a great photo ad is a memorable picture that could get your message across even if you never wrote a word on the page.

When running Facebook ads for local businesses, our experts frequently use this format because it’s an affordable way to test multiple ad creatives quickly.


Effective Facebook slideshow ads share a story across multiple photos. This type of format allows for multiple pictures or a pre-recorded video of multiple images. In addition, the user can overlay their brand, text, or even add music.

Viewers can process a photo in millisecond, so the images used in this format should be ordered based on how much they stand out. Luckily, with a professional Facebook marketer on your side, this is all handled for you.


Facebook carousel ads were developed to showcases different products and services. Each “card” from the advertisement should have a unique image, message, call to action, and link. Carousel ads can also be used for generating awareness.


If you want a full screen experience, Facebook canvas ads are the way to go. As the most immersive of the ad formats, canvas ads are essentially miniature websites. They allow users to click between pages and engage with photos and videos without ever leaving Facebook.


Facebook dynamic product ads automatically push products to people who have engaged with your brand somewhere else online before. This ad format works best when your company has a product catalog that is up-to-date and well laid out.


Facebook lead form ads are often used to generate leads for service businesses. When someone clicks on the advertisement, they are taken to a small lead form built into Facebook that pre-populates some of their information. Lead form ads are an amazing tool that Facebook marketers like Kyle Pursley and team use to build email marketing lists and generate customer leads fast and affordably.


If you are looking to advertise your website, product, or services on Facebook, our marketing specialists can help you take full advantage of the advanced targeting options by using core, custom, and lookalike audiences effectively.


Rules can be set to broaden or narrow down your target prospects based on various criteria, such as location, interests, behavior, demographics, and connections.

Location – Advertise in the cities, states, and countries you want to do business in.

  • Everyone in the location
  • People recently in the location
  • People traveling in this location

Interests – Target ads based on the interests and activities of your prospects.

  • Business & Industry – advertising, agriculture, architecture, aviation, banking, business, construction, design, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, healthcare, higher education, management, marketing, nursing, online, personal finance, real estate, retail, sales, science, small business
  • Entertainment – games, live events, movies, music, reading, TV
  • Family & Relationships – family, fatherhood, motherhood, friendship, dating, marriage, weddings, parenting
  • Fitness & Wellness – bodybuilding, dieting, gyms, meditation, nutrition, physical exercise, physical fitness, running, weight training, yoga, Zumba
  • Food & Drinks – alcoholic beverages, cooking, cuisine, food, restaurants
  • Hobbies & Activities – arts & music, current events, home & garden, pets, politics & social issues, travel, vehicles
  • Shopping & Fashion – beauty, clothing, fashion accessories, shopping, toys
  • Sports & Outdoors – outdoor recreation, sports
  • Technology – computers, consumer electronics

Behavior – Target advertisements based on consumer behaviors like recent purchases or device usage.

  • Automotive ownership or purchases – motorcycle, car, new or used vehicles
  • Charitable donations
  • Digital activities – internet browsers used, console gaming, Facebook payments, etc.
  • Expats – multiple countries
  • Business-to-business – seniority, industry, company size
  • Financial – banking, investments, spending methods (line of credit)
  • Job role – corporate executives, financial professionals, farmers
  • Media – radio, television
  • Mobile device user – by brand, OS, all, network connection, new owner, smartphone, tablet
  • Purchase behavior – business, clothing, food & drink, health & beauty, home & garden, pets, kid’s products, purchase habits, purchase types, sports & outdoors, store types, subscription services, household products, technology
  • Residential profiles – length of residence, likely to move, new mover, recent home buyer, recent mortgage borrower
  • Travel – all, business, casino, commuters, cruises, currently traveling, family vacation, frequent international travelers, frequent flyers, leisure travelers, personal travelers, returned from a trip, timeshares, used travel app
  • Seasonal & Events – baseball, cricket, college football, rugby, fall football, professional football

Connections – Reach people who have a specific connection to your app, page, or event.

  • App – people who use your app, friends of people who use your app, exclude people who use your app
  • Page – people who use your page, friends of people who use your page, exclude people who use your page
  • Event – people who are going to your event, friends of people who are going to your event, exclude people who are going to your event


Facebook’s custom audiences allow your company to connect with people who have already expressed interest in your business, whether they visited our app or website.

There are 3 options:

  • Contact lists – Upload the data from your CRM or an email list
  • App users – Use Facebook SDK to target ads toward your app users
  • Website visitors – Install the Facebook pixel to automatically target ads toward people who do specific things on your website, whether it’s visiting a page or making a purchase

Experienced FB advertisers use custom audiences to retarget people who already know and trust your brand.


Lookalike audiences is one of the most powerful features for scaling Facebook ads because it matches your existing customers to people with similar traits, interests, and behaviors.

Kyle Pursley and team offer a Facebook ad marketing service that can narrow down the perfect audience by filtering through millions of criteria combinations to find the best fit for your ideal customer. Rather than waste money testing endless ad variations, rely on the wisdom of more than a decade of hands-on experience when you work with us.


A strong Facebook remarketing strategy is the ultimate tool for lowering CPC and closing customers that were on the edge. Our ad agency sets itself apart from the rest by installing the Facebook ad pixel and including customized retargeting strategies with every Facebook advertising campaign. Users that know and trust your brand are more likely to engage with your ads and purchase your product, which makes them ideal prospects.

Facebook remarketing can target people in multiple ways including:

  • People who visited your website
  • Custom list of emails
  • Custom list of phone numbers
  • Custom list of Facebook user-ID’s

In combination with strong audience selection, your company’s sales can skyrocket if this is used correctly.


Want to get a Facebook advertising campaign up and running with Kyle Pursley?

The Facebook advertising professionals on this team will develop a custom strategy that generates positive, trackable return on investment.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer on getting the results you’ve always wanted for your business.  See if we’re a good fit to work together by booking a discovery call today!